Our Partners

We work with Market Access Partners (MAPs) to enhance their preexisting marketing and engagement programs.

Market Access Partners


Take advantage of our solution to optimize your internal and external programs

Capture more local business and avoid the hassle of gift cards

Increase consumer satisfaction and drive innovation with new technology

Marketing Agencies

Offer your clients a new, flexible solution that your agency can profit from

Push still-in-store digital offers based on unique actions

Drive both in-person and online transactions with Guided Spend™ Technology

Benefits Consultants

Enhance population behavior with in-store cues and custom incentives

Earn from placing Guided Spend™ Technology in new hands

Capture new business with a market leading solution only available with iQPay

Case Study: Building The Future of Retail Together

iQPay has benefited greatly from its growing partnership with Giant Foods. Working with Giant, iQPay is launching both internal and external Guided Spend™ Technology programs, allowing Giant to capture more business, drive brand awareness, and increase consumer happiness.

We’ll Help You Go Digital with Guided Spend Technology

We’re changing the engagement and marketing landscape with Guided Spend™ Technology and Smart Digital Payment Cards. Work with us to bring your programs into the 21st Century.